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Online Marketing

Online Marketing

2005/9 - During promotional & seasonal periods it is my responsibility to create images and banners for the Asda, Boots & Tesco photo sites.

I would sometimes need to follow design guides to match in-store merchandising.

HTML Emails

HTML Marketing Emails

2003/8 - Over the years I have designed and built numerous marketing emails for Pixology's customers. These include Jessops, Fujilab, Asda, Boots and Tesco.

These emails were used to highlight promotions and were sent out to those customers who opted into receiving them.

Seasonal Marketing

Multimedia Seasonal Marketing

2007/8 - For special seasonal events such as Valentine's and Christmas it was my job to create a variety of items.

These items included marketing prints which were used in store, attract screens for the photo kiosk plus graphics and seasonal pages for the photo web site.

All these elements maintained a theme which also matched in-store merchandising.

Information Screens

Information Screens

2008 - Information screens created for the Pixology Photo Kiosk. There was a need to display additional information on product categories and to give the user a clearer visual idea of what the products looked.

New screens were inserted into the kiosk workflow to achieve this aim. My main challenge was to arrange all the content into the limited space without while making it easier on the eye.

Photo Kiosk Attract Screens

2003-8 - For each version of Pixology's photo kiosk that went out into the field, they all required a default set of attract screens.

The kiosks would loop through these screens when it was idle much like a screen saver.

During promotional or seasonal periods these screens would be updated to highlight offers.

Here are some sample screens I designed for retailers such as Tesco, Jessops, Konica, The Link and others.

Kiosk Software

Photo Kiosk

2003/8 - In 2003 I helped design the Pixology photo kiosk workflow and user interface. The kiosk allows customers to order photos from their digital media with minimal staff involvement.

This white label product could then be re-skined include retailers logos and colour schemes which was a big plus for them.

It was my job to design a theme which the retailer was happy with and then create all the imagery for the kiosk software.

Picture Print Software

Picture Print Software

2004 - Pixology were planning on creating the third generation of their 'Picture Print' PC software that allowed users to order products over the internet from their PC.

I helped design the proposed workflow and User Interface for the software. I then mocked up each screen in turn to give a visual aid for the developers.